Melissa S Photography is the only option for dance studio photography that does all the high-class costumes, ridiculous choreography and incredible dance talent justice. We are modern and fresh but still offer the timeless, talent-capturing necessity photographing a student's year in dance provides.



We think every woman is beautiful and has her own unique spirit, signature movement, authentic beauty, and lovely imperfection she wants to bring forward in a session.  Together we archive all that that is you. Celebrating – not tearing down and to be reminded of what being totally carefree and total self acceptance feels like.


High School Grad pictures are one of our favourite types of photography.  Our creativity and imagination coupled with the Grad's hobbies and style can really make their Grad pictures off the charts!  We offer both indoor and outdoor senior portraits sessions and if you are looking for totally different, yet fun and creative incredible Grad portraits then look no further and give us a call.

Get to Know me

Hi, my name is Melissa Schumacher. I’m a portrait photographer. I specialize in photographing women, because I find that after a certain age, we start to get really hard on ourselves. We look in the mirror and all we can see is this wrinkle, or these lines over here, and we think where did that come from? As women, it stops us from really wanting to get in front of the camera. When I say that to most women they agree with me, but they still don’t think that they can have great portraits....more....