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Shoot for free explained | Melissa S Photography

Among photographers, the idea of working for “exposure” (i.e.. for free) is a hot button topic. It seems that every other week there’s an example of somebody being asked to shoot for free for some multi-million dollar company or other. Take heart though, as it seems this is not just a problem we in the photography industry…

We love testimonials!

Hi Melissa, I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you! Those pictures are unbelievable!!!!! I have had so many people stopping me at work yesterday commenting about the “Red Dress” photo and how breath taking it is… And the hip hop picture looks so cool with the bars…I figured they would be…

New website

It’s been an interesting making a new website, not to mention losing all the information on the old site. But when your site keeps crashing , it’s time to find someone new. We hope all the bugs have finally been worked out, and everything runs smoother now.