ONE: Structure

It all starts with a VERY TAILORED schedule!

We work individually (and effortlessly) with directors to get an efficient and achievable schedule for photo day/s taking into account number, age, years of dance and skill level of dancers per class in order to get the perfect amount of time for each class!  We strive on timeliness and believe that this is the key to happy dancers, families, teachers... oh, and photographers, too!  Just ask about our many scheduling techniques that make the process not so much of a ‘PROCESS’!  We offer weekday/night and weekend shooting options.  Our calendar is laid out in early December and finalized by Feb. 01, so book early!


TWO:  Quality

Only the best from start to finish!

Not only do we use top of the line equipment and rely on world-class photography labs to supply high-quality prints and products, we also rely on the most amazing set of assistants to capture these moments.  I have a dance background producing not only great shots, but meaningful ones as well in terms of a student’s dance education.  We strive for pointed toes, turned out legs and beautiful technique whenever possible!  Dancers connecting with dancers... so we know technique, positioning, costuming unlike any other photography option around!


THREE: Customer Service

We want to hear from you... and you... and you!

Some might say we provide TOO much information to directors and dancers, meaning we like to keep everyone well-informed of the process and how to make photo day/s relaxing and successful!  By providing our Individual Handouts for each dancer, and Print/Product Examples we reduce the confusion by keeping everyone in the loop.  We also LOVE being in direct contact with our dancer families in that we ask that any feedback and questions come directly to us so we can provide the best answers/options quickly.  This also eliminates A LOT of unnecessary in-between work for the director/s, allowing them to concentrate on the other 900 things on their ‘to-do’ list.


FOUR:  Modern Style

Just check out any image on this site to see!

We use a crisp, white background that makes the subjects and colours pop, it is clean and incredibly elegant.  We use a special lighting and background set up to create flawless final images!  While we stress dance technique and highlight our attention to detail, we also strive for a memorable expression from each dancer. Whether it’s that beautiful smile or sweet shyness, we want the dancer's personality to shine. Beyond the cool shots, we offer fun ways to display them with prints of various sizes and unique, yet useful products like statuettes, mousepads, keychains, and more. We will even photograph siblings together for a group photo option! 


FIVE:  Ease for Directors

Sit back and relax, we've got this!

We think our system allows directors the most efficient and relaxing process for photo day/s around by not only having efficient processes in place but feeling relaxed knowing you have experts at the helm.  We offer lots of information outlets before, during and after to keep you and dancers informed limiting the number of questions you might have dealt with in the past!  With an experienced dancer behind the lens, it is a lot easier for photo day/s to be a little bit of a break for directors, we still LOVE input to make sure every pose/class is perfect but we have the basics down therefore minimizing pressure!  We stress to dancers and families that we love them being in touch with us by directly contacting us with feedback/questions... we will keep directors in the loop when necessary, but don’t feel like you should be overwhelmed with photography questions you don’t know the answer to; we gladly take that work off your hands!  Also, your marketing images are taken care of for the year or years to come, we LOVE when studios use our work to show of their dancers and talent... we know we create a product that will attract people and share it with you to build your studio’s success!


SIX:  Partnership

We only partner with the best.

We like to reward you for your successes! As dance lover’s and supporters, we want to be a part of your studio year long by contributing time, talent and/or dollars to fundraising efforts, fun Facebook marketing or participating in other studio events.  We provide generous discounts for studio employees and directors, files for marketing your studio to the masses and discounts on products/prints for in-studio displays.


SEVEN:  Reasonable for All

We are FREE for studios to use... yes we said FREE!

So that is reasonably priced for directors, but what about dance families?  We offer INCREDIBLY reasonable prices for the product we produce (but hey we should think our stuff is worth a million bucks, right?!).  We release sample pricing after more serious talks are in place so you can make sure your families will agree as well.