Got a costume that you absolutely love and would like more creative photos than your studio offered? Give us a call for our special Dance rates, or if you are a studio looking for more information, call me at 905-329-1781. We also offer creative make-up at a extra cost to enhance your portraits.

IMG_5065web copy.jpgMSP_3372_chantal_jazz_group.jpgdance 9.jpgMSP_3419_chantal group solo.jpgdance 10.jpgMSP_3426_Melissa_solo.jpgdance 12.jpgNIK_2925_Christina_jazz.jpgdance 4.jpgNIK_2945_9am_Group_tap.jpgNIK_2954_Brooklyn_ballet.jpgNIK_3016_Emma_tap.jpgNIK_3167_5x7_3.jpg