Teen and Tween Sessions

Do you remember being a tween? I sure do. And now I have a tween girl, and 2 tween nieces. And if I can, I want to help them feel even just a little better about themselves.

What is a Tween? A Tween is aged between 9 – 12 years of age.  This is the age where they are no longer little children but not yet Teenagers, the “In be-tween” stage.  You’ve captured all of their amazing milestones, from newborn to their 1st Birthday, to starting school, yet many tend to miss the stage where they transform from a child to a teenager.  

Our “BeTween” and Teen “Be You” Photo Sessions are about capturing their personalities, boosting their confidence and celebrating lifelong friendships. The sessions are designed to be fun and relaxing. By the end of the session your son or daughter will be bursting with confidence.  Sessions are carried out over 1 – 2 hours, allowing for your Tween/Teen and myself to connect allowing their personalities to shine through the lens.  Photo Sessions include up to 2 outfit changes and they can bring along something that they are passionate about, whether it be an instrument,  sporting gear (soccer, dance shoes, skateboard, hockey etc).  I encourage them to be themselves, this is the age where they are becoming more independent, more true to their own style and personality.  They can enjoy an individual photo session or bring a long a friend or two.  What a cool and Unique idea!  Both individual and group images will be captured at the session, allowing for the fun friendship images as well as gorgeous individual photos that can be displayed in your home.

We are currently looking for more models to help us get this amazing project started. If you would like more information or would like to nominate a tween please contact me at melissa.schumacher@cogeco.ca or call us at 905-329-1781